N O A is a global innovation hub that provides
creative solutions to advance the human experience
NO is our principle 
We believe that when it comes to innovation,
NO is more powerful than yes 
For us, it means saying NO to projects that are not
sustainable, responsible, and bringing positive change
to consumers, communities and societies 
Innovation-circle is our process
We believe true innovations happen when
we address human needs in new and novel ways 
Our process is about approaching the relevant
human need in a way that ensures viability, utility
and sustainability behind every solution 
YES is our promise
YES stands for the right solution. A solution that has been
simplified, humanized, tested, and made to work 
Our YES is more than a destination. It’s a continuous
evolution of your product and service


Our principle for every project is to say NO to solutions that are expected, mundane or unsustainable, and re-imagine them in a way that serves the higher purpose and feels right.


It is by making our process come full circle that we manage to go from a NO to a YES – ensuring that our innovative solutions today become the brilliant basics of tomorrow.


Our ultimate performance benchmark is simple - ensuring that your audience is always happy to say YES to a product or service that we helped you develop and evolve.

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